Graduate Admission Application Status

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Applicant Name:                             John Doe

Date of Birth:                                   1/1/1982

Mailing Address:                             123 Somewhere Street      

                                                            Anywhere, LA 77777

Application Status

Application 1:                                   c  Incomplete       c  Complete

Term:                                                 Spring 2006

Curriculum:                                     Special Education, MS (SPED)

Date Application Received:           1/11/2006

Date Application Sent

To Department for Review:           1/20/06

Current Status:                               Your application has been received, processed and

forwarded to the Graduate Advisor in your requested program for review.  We are awaiting an admission decision from that office. You must contact the Graduate Advisor (Dr. Lindsey – 225.771.3950) in your requested program directly if you have additional questions about the status of your application.

Department Information

You can contact the academic department you requested by calling: (225) 771.3950

Documents Received

Documents received by the Graduate School are identified by date. Use the list below as a guide for completing your degree-seeking application. Make sure you have sent or have notified the appropriate officials to send all required items to the Office of Graduate Studies and the department by the appropriate deadline date.  Failure to submit ALL required documents may result in a delayed or rejected application.



To the Office of Graduate Studies:


Date Received

____  1.  Completed Application for Admission to Graduate School form.

____  2.  Application fee (and any applicable late fee). Cashier’s Check/Money

              Orders ONLY (payable to Southern University).

____  3.  One official transcript from EACH college/university attended (including

    summer only work, and even if work appears on another institution’s      

   transcript).  International applicants: Include degree statements from

    WES or ECE.

____  4.   3 Letters of Recommendation.

____  5.  GRE or GMAT scores (if required).  NOTE: Recommended/minimum test

    scores are established by the department.  Contact the Graduate Advisor

    in your requested program for specific requirements .

____  6.   Statement of Purpose.

____  7.  TOEFL scores (International Students ONLY).

____  8.  Affidavit of Support (International Students ONLY).

____  9.  ISRECY (Special Education Program ONLY).


Important Information Regarding Documents

Documents with no “Date Received” should be submitted immediately to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Photocopies of transcripts and test score report forms, while not considered official, may be submitted for review to speed the processing of your application (this does NOT apply to INTERNATIONAL transcripts).  Official documents are required to complete your admission process.


If you are admitted PROVISIONALLY pending final documents, your admission will list all official documents still required by the Office of Graduate Studies. You will also be provided additional time to submit final, official documents.


Photocopies may be faxed to 225.771.5723 or mailed to P.O. Box 9860, Baton Rouge, LA 70813.  Please include the following information on all documents: Full Name, Student Identification Number/Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and Intended Academic Major.


Overview of the Application Process

When the Office of Graduate Studies receives a paid application, a file is created and the academic credentials are forwarded to the graduate program of the academic department you requested for review.  The Graduate Advisor (and/or Graduate Admissions Committee) in the program you evaluates the application, makes the admission recommendation, and notifies the Office of Graduate Studies.  The Office of Graduate Studies then conducts the final evaluation and sends the official notification to the student.  NOTE: Final admission will NOT occur until ALL OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS and test scores are received.  Please carefully review the checklist above.


How long will this process take?  The application process varies by department.  Some departments’ process applications year-around, others make decisions only one time each year.  Please contact the graduate advisor in your requested program for estimated processing times.  To speed the processing of your application: submit your application using the online forms, including the application fee; submit all transcripts and supporting documents at one time; submit all materials 2-4 weeks before the application deadline. International applicants are advised to submit the application and all supporting documents at least three months before the deadline posted on the admission application.