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 New Features FAQs

What is My Blackboard?

My Blackboard is about making the lives of students and educators more efficient and effective.  How?  My Blackboard was developed to meet the needs of today's active learner, so the new experience makes Blackboard more relevant and engaging for students.  My Blackboard also ensures that you and your students always have quick, easy access to the critical information you need every day.

What are the new tools in My Blackboard?

My Blackboard includes 5 new tools to keep you up-to-date on what's most important from across Blackboard Learn:

  • Profile:  Enables all users to have an identity in Blackboard Learn so you can discover each other and share relevant information about yourselves that can facilitate connections and make the learning experience more personal and social.
  • Posts: Aggregates posts and comments from collaborative tools (Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis) from all your Courses (and Organizations if your school provides them) - keeping you engaged in all the conversations across Blackboard.
  • Updates: Aggregates Notifications from across all of Blackboard and provides the ability to filter to aid in efficient management of updates.
  • My Grades:  A tool specifically for students that provides them access to all of their grades from across all of their courses - viewable by date (so they can always see the latest grades they've received across Blackboard) or by course (so they can see all the grades they've received for each course, as well as any assignments or assessments that have been submitted or are upcoming for the course).
  • People:  Enables you to discover others in your academic network - those who are in each of your Courses with you (and Organizations if your school provides them) - as well as search for others school-wide and view user profiles.

How do I access My Blackboard?

The new Global Navigation Menu is the entry point to My Blackboard.  Wherever you are in Blackboard Learn, you have one-click access through the menu to each of the My Blackboard tools.  You can also see how many items across My Blackboard are new / need your attention, through a little red icon that will appear in the navigation bar and on the My Blackboard icons when you open the menu.  The new Global Navigation Menu also provides one-click access to your Courses, Organizations, Settings, and Blackboard Help. 

What information can I share in my Profile?

You can share your name - however you would like it to appear in your Profile - for example, if you are an educator and your name is Beth Carlson, you could have your profile show Professor Carlson or Mrs. Carlson.  You can also share a profile picture and an area of focus (e.g., the subject area you teach).  Finally, you can share a brief "about me" description, which can be any information you want to broadly share about yourself with others at your school. 

Am I (and others) able to report inappropriate content found in Profiles?

Yes, anyone can and should report inappropriate content by clicking on the flag that is found on the bottom right corner of every profile card.  A form will appear that you can fill out to report the content.

What information can I pull into my Profile from Facebook and Twitter?

If your school makes this option available to you, you will be able to pull in your profile picture, Facebook-specific email address and a brief "about me" description from your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Who is my Profile visible to and what are the different privacy options available to me?

You get to choose your privacy options and who your profile is visible to - and you can change this at any time.  The privacy settings available to you are:

  • My School - I want to share my profile with others at my school.
  • Private - I only want to share my profile with my classmates.
  • Hidden - I do not want to share my profile.

Can I comment on posts right from the new Posts tool?

You can comment on a post from right within the Posts tool for Wikis, Blogs, and Journals.  For Discussion Board posts, you simply click directly into the interface where you can reply.

Do any of the new My Blackboard tools replace existing tools found in Blackboard Learn?

No, My Blackboard is about aggregating information from existing features of Blackboard Learn - through the Posts, My Grades, and Updates tools.  You can think of My Blackboard as a new way to more efficiently and effectively access information that exists in the learning environment.

What's the difference between the new Updates tool in My Blackboard and the existing Notification Dashboard(s)?

The Updates tool is a new, more consumable way to access information you can find in the Notifications Dashboard(s), particularly the Needs Grading events. 

With this new tool, you can easily see how many new updates there are from across Blackboard through a little red icon that will appear in the navigation bar and on the Updates icon when you open the menu.  This provides much better insight into the grading activities happening in your courses.  Additionally, the new Updates tool provides filters so you can look at all Notifications at once, only those from one particular Course or Organization, or all Course Announcements.  You can also change your notification preferences and choose exactly what you want to see in your Updates tool. 

In the new People tool, what does "My Academic Network" consist of?

"My Academic Network" in the People tool shows you all of the people with whom you share a Course or Organization - i.e., all your students and fellow organization members.

How long will posts, updates, and grades show up in My Blackboard?

Posts will remain in My Blackboard for a week (7 days), as this is a timely consolidation of all the posts that exist in your Courses and Organizations for the long term. 

Your students' grades will stay in My Blackboard for as long as they have access to the Course. 

For updates, each school will choose how long notifications will remain in My Blackboard, but the standard is about a month.  However, you can choose to "dismiss" an update once you've seen it.