Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Collegiate 100 Black Women

Southern University



The Motto
“Wisdom and Knowledge shall be the stability of a virtuous woman.”

The Purpose
 Collegiate 100 Black Women of Southern University is an organization dedicated to developing female leaders with a drive and ambition to uplift young black women in today’s society. The focus of the Collegiate 100 Black Women is the development of the social, emotional, educational, and physical needs of young black females who have few or no positive role models in the communities in which they live.

The Criteria
·        Be enrolled as full-time a student at a college or university.
·        Commit to mentoring young black females.
·        Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.
·        Possess high moral character.
·        Have a positive record of extracurricular activities.
·        Have no prior criminal record

Community Service
·       Girl Scouts of America
·       Big Apple Run
·       Volunteers at Headstart
·       Volunteers at the Adult Daycare

Officers - 2013-2014

Karla Washington, President

Brittany Guilbeaux, Vice-President

Tiffany Spears, Treasurer

Brittany Washington, Secretary

Please contact a member of C100 Black Women of SUBR for more information