Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Fall 2017

Workshop Prerequisite : Basic Knowledge of Moodle 

Tools of the Trade
What's a Choice? Should I use a Lesson or a Book? Clicking on "Add an Activity or Resource" provides a list of Moodle tools that may be utilized in providing content and engaging students. This workshop will  explain the functions of popular course components along with highlight the pros and cons of these tools.

 Managing Assignments 
The focus of this workshop is to learn how to create an assignment and the pros and cons of using this activity.

 Demystifying Lessons 
The Moodle lesson module provides content in an interesting and flexible way with assessment capabilities of online quiz questions. This module allows a professor to verify understanding of content as it is delivered and adapt to a learner's comprehension needs.

 Plotting your Course: Activity Completion and Restrict Access 
Applying Activity Completion and Restriction Access options allows a professor control of the pace and direction of students progfressing in a course. 

 Building a Quiz 
Learn how to manage a quiz in Moodle - types of questions, quiz reports, automatic feedback, automatic scoring, timing restrictions, question bank, anf allowing repeat attempts.

 Making the Grade 
Moodle automatically creates a gradebook as a course is built. This workshop will provide tips for configuring, establishing categories, choosing a method of aggregation and the basics of gradebook design.

  Building a Book
The Book allows an easy way to share multi-page resources in book-like format without downloading resources.

Exploring Forums
There are several types forums that may be utilized in a course. This workshop will explore the various types, discuss pros and cons along with ideas for creative uses.

 Integrating a Glossary
Explore the Glossary activity to engage students through content creation, discuss pros and cons, and explore ideas for creative uses.

Workshop: Peer Assessment

Explore the potential of the Workshop for peer assessment in your classroom, possible pros and cons of using this ativity and explore ideas for creative uses. 

The Power of Groups
Learn how to organize the gradebook to differentiate curriculm. harness the power of Groups to streamline assessment, encourage collaboration, and personlize instruction in your Moodle course.