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Critical Thinking

The teacher and other school personnel can foster learning in technology-rich environments that encourage learner participation in the worldwide web of information proliferation to nurture a global perspective and a sense of connectedness with the international community.


  • Teacher candidates are expected to know and exhibit dispositions which demonstrate recognition that global perspective is an understanding of the interdependency of nations and peoples and the political, economic, ecological, and social concepts and values that affect lives within and across national boundaries.  It allows for the exploration of multiple perspectives on events and issues.  
  • Teacher candidates know and understand that global perspective can be greatly enhanced via technology-rich curricula. 
  • Teacher candidates understand that the Internet is truly a global phenomenon and utilizing appropriate technologies that reflect best practices in education, the Unit prepares teacher candidates and teachers to function in a future characterized by the demands of a technology-driven evolution of global knowledge. 
  • Teacher candidates understand that there is one-world, a world that is linked instantly through telecommunication. 
  • Preservice/inservice teachers can create products that link conceptual frameworks, data, graphic organizers, lesson plans, text, and video, and this emphasis is consistent with the nation's realization of the emerging global village in which we live. 
  • Candidates are able to conceptualize three categories of global mindedness that K-12 students should know: Global Challenges, Culture and World Areas, and Global Connections. 
  • Candidates understand that the difference global educators make in the lives of students include the development of open mindedness, anticipation of complexity, resistance to stereotyping, as well as acquire skills in cross-cultural communication that enables an understanding of global inequities. 
  • Candidates appreciate that a global perspective contributes to world peace and democracy through enhanced personal understanding, partnerships, and friendships. 
  • Candidates appreciate that a global perspective contributes to economic development by establishing contacts with business and industry, government and other organizations around the world as potential revenue-producing partners.