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Multicultural Perspectives

The teacher and other school personnel can design and adapt instructions to meaningfully engage learners from a multicultural perspective to ensure that all children learn regardless of their special uniquenesses.

  • Teacher candidates are expected to know and exhibit dispositions reflective of a multicultural perspective that is based on an understanding of the social, political, economic, academic, and historical constructs of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, language, exceptionalities, religion, sexual orientation, and the geographic region in which one lives. 
  • Candidates are expected to develop a clearer sense of their own ethnic and cultural identities. 
  • Candidates are expected to examine their attitudes toward other ethno cultural groups. 
  • They are expected to understand the dynamics of prejudice and racism and how to deal with them in the classroom. 
  • Candidates are expected to understand the dynamics of privilege and economic oppression and about school practices that contribute to the reproduction of societal inequalities. 
  • Candidates are expected to know the characteristics and learning styles of various groups and individuals. 
  • Candidates are expected to know the sociocultural research knowledge about the relationships among language, culture, and learning. 
  • Candidates are expected to know procedures by which they can gain information about the communities represented in their classrooms. 
  • They are expected to know how to use various instructional strategies and assessment procedures sensitive to cultural and linguistic variations, and how to adapt classroom instruction and assessment to accommodate the cultural resources that their students bring to school.