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Professional Development Schools (PDS)

Professional Development Schools (PDS) are P-12 schools that are enjoined in collaborative planning partnerships with the School of Education's teacher preparation programs. The partnerships support the professional development of P-12 teachers, pre-service teachers, and University faculty. The primary beneficiaries to the partnerships are P-12 students who are expected to show dramatic improvements in their performance on standardized tests of achievement, especially in math and language arts. The faculty of each partnership work together to explore and develop initiatives that meet their educational needs. 

Two schools in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System are in the initial phases of PDS agreements with the teacher preparation program in the School of Education. These schools are Crestworth Elementary and Capitol Elementary Schools. The Southern University Laboratory School continues to serve as a "teaching hospital" as it meets the needs of training our pre-service and in-service candidates. 

Baker High School
Mission:  Cultivating students to become lifelong learners.
Vision:  Parents, students, and staff will collaborate to prevent failure and ensure academic success for each child.


Belfair Montessori Magnet Elementary School
Belfair Montessori Magnet School is committed to providing children in Pre-K through 8th grade with a quality education in a challenging, yet nurturing environment. The Montessori philosophy of education is unique, innovative, and students are self-motivated. At Belfair Montessori Magnet, the entire family can stay at one school until they are ready to transition into high school. The Montessori philosophy utilizes a hands-on approach to learning. This means the more a student can touch materials related to a particular skill, the more it is embedded in their mind. The hands help connects the information to the mind. Dr. Maria Montessori said it best, “The hands are the instruments of man’s Intelligence.” Belfair Montessori Magnet believe this is the best approach to learning. The students will exceed, go beyond, and surpass well above their greatest expectations.

Vision:  To educate the whole child–academically, socially, emotionally, and physically—developing successful and productive citizens for a diverse and changing world.

Mission:  An authentic public Montessori school committed to educating the whole child.


Capitol Middle School
Capitol Middle School believes in "High Expectations for all Students." Their understanding of the commitment to provide support to pre-service teachers is guided by a common vision of the teaching and learning process. Capitol Elementary School's needs and strengths are determined by multiple assessments, along with implementation of various strategies to support student achievement.


Capitol Elementary School
Capitol Elementary believes in "High Expectations for all Students." Their understanding of the commitment to provide support to pre-service teachers is guided by a common vision of the teaching and learning process. Capitol Elementary School's needs and strengths are determined by multiple assessments, along with implementation of various strategies to support student achievement. Their increased school performance score of 60.8 displays their supportive efforts of excellence.

Capitol Middle School
Capitol Middle is dedicated to providing and nurturing an environment which fosters rigorous learning, while promoting the individual creative spirit in each student.  We believe our children are the future, and we strive to provide all the tools necessary for a successful life for each of our students.


Cedarcrest Southmoor Elemntary
  Cedarcrest-Southmoor Elementary enables each child to reach their highest potential through positive relationships with families and our diverse community.  We strive to provide a multi?media approach to 21st century learning, through a safe, supportive environment that promotes self?discipline, motivation, and academic excellence. We nurture and produce skilled individuals to compete in a global community.

Vision:  Cedarcrest-Southmoor Elementary students will matriculate through the elementary grades proceeding with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become active and successful members of a middle school learning community.


Celerity Charter Schools
At Celerity, we firmly believe that all students can grow and thrive when experienced teachers bring engaging curriculum, challenging learning activities, and high expectations to the classroom. The Celerity Schools Louisiana is a non-profit organization, that serves Jefferson Parish and Baton Rouge schools, children and families. Our mission is to provide quality education in under-served communities by creating alternative schools that focus on the potential of every child.


Crestworth Elementary School
Crestworth Elementary School continues to serve as a training facility for pre-service teachers in the School of Education. In an effort to combine resources and work together to improve quality field and clinical experiences, staff and faculty development will continue to support the improvement of teaching and learning.

Crestworth's continuous efforts of assessing students' strengths, weaknesses and implementation of various strategies support the state's goals and objectives of academic success. The success of a performance label of "two stars"and the achievement of a school performance score of 79.4 supports student learning.


J. K. Haynes Elementary School
At J. K. Haynes, we pride ourselves on Building and Embracing Leaders of Tomorrow! We are a pillar in the North Baton Rouge community because we are the oldest charter schools in city. We provide a culture of family orientation and quality education motivated by high expectations. It is the mission of the J. K.  Haynes Charter, Inc. to create a culture of high expectations that motivates our students to succeed in elementary school, middle school, high school and post-secondary education. To achieve this mission, we have goals to increase the percentage of elementary, middle and high school students who meet college- and career-readiness goals to at least 90 percent, and increase the percentage of elementary and middle school students who complete middle school in three years and percentage of high school students who complete high school in four years to 90 percent.


North Banks Middle School of Excellence
The curriculum at North Banks Middle School of Excellence aims to provide programs to meet the varied needs, interests and abilities of its sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, and is designed to ease their transition from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school.  Endeavoring to provide an academic program of quality and substance which takes full cognizance of the individuality of each student, North Banks Middle School of Excellence allows students the opportunity to pursue courses in English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education.  Each student is provided the opportunity to develop his intellectual ability through mental application with the view toward motivating in each the desire to expand his knowledge, broaden understanding, and to develop thought processes and insights.  North Banks Middle School of Excellence further endeavors to help students develop personal integrity, social awareness, and a genuine concern for the general welfare of all people.  Through academic programs and social relationships, the students develop attributes which are essential to positive and active citizenship.

Mission:  Our school mission is to emphasize academic growth and help students develop a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and for others.

Vision:  Our vision is to create an inner city middle school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence that produces major gains in student achievement, and helps make the neighborhood in which it is located a much more pleasant place in which to live and work.


Ryan Elementary School
Mission:   Ryan Elementary is a top tier learning institution that places high expectations on Teaching & Learning and emphasizes “the whole child” approach to provide our community’s youth with a foundation for secondary and post-secondary success.

Vision:   Our school environment is one in which all learners grow and succeed.  We value and accommodate diverse perspectives.   We support our learners because they are capable, and we believe in them.  Our teaching practices are both reflective of and responsive to the needs of our students.  Families are recognized as partners in the learning process.  We embrace communication between staff and the community as we work to create the best learning opportunities for all children.


Scotlandville Magnet High School
Mission:  The mission of the Scotlandville Magnet High School is to promote the maximum academic, physical, social, and emotional development of each student, while providing a safe environment, thereby giving all students an opportunity of living satisfying and productive lives.  The students, staff, and parents believe in “Quality instruction from bell to bell”.


Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Magnet School
The theme at Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy (SPEMA) is “Cultivating the Art of Engineering Excellence.”  Our goal is to ensure that all students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum that promotes student collaboration.  In addition, we work to develop partnerships with both community members and surrounding businesses.  One of the primary purposes of the school is to ensure that all students are exposed to our STEAM concept.  The STEAM concept allows the students to be exposed to rigorous activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Science - students take traditional science courses that include life, earth, and physical science.  There is a state of the art science lab in which student’s complete weekly experiments that align with the curriculum.  In addition, Exxon Mobil employees conduct frequent observations experiments with students.

Engineering - engineering is the core program of the school.  We have a strenuous Robotics programs that include multi-class levels.  The robotics program includes the following courses: Robotics I, Advanced Robotics, Marine Robotics, and Green Robotics.  The students frequently compete in competitions at the school, district, and state levels.  Also, the students are allowed to Project Lead the Way course. The course allows the student to challenges the students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers while also preparing them to interact with the global economy.

Art -art is new component to the school’s theme.  The art program has allowed SPEMA to include an additional program to our original STEM theme.  We offer various art courses that include Dance, Jazz Band, Guitar, Choir, Art, Lego Art, and Culinary.  Many of the programs frequently perform at district, state, and national events.

Technology-the students have the option of taking various technology courses.  The courses are technology rich and encourage students to take an active role in the use of various computer programs and software.  We offer the following technology courses:  Game Design, Multi-media productions, Music and Technology, Music Theory, and Introduction to Business Computer Applications. 

Math - the school is heavily focused on the math curriculum.  SPEMA uses a variety of resources to implement Common Core State Standards.  In addition, all students take math every day to provide enrichment and intervention activities to the students. In addition, we have two separate types of after school math tutoring programs that are for both struggling and advanced students.


Southern University Laboratory School
The Southern University Laboratory School serves as a site for clinical/field experiences of students in the college, along with the unit's professional development and partner school. Since its founding history, the Laboratory School services P-12 students and is available to meet the educational research and field-based demonstration needs of the School of Education.

Southern University Laboratory School continues to maintain high standards for P-12 students. The success of a performance label of "two stars" exemplifies their commitment to excellence.


Tara High School
Mission: All students, faculty, and staff will be equipped and empowered to achieve the futures they desire for themselves.

 Vision: All students of Tara High School will graduate with a sense of accomplishment derived from being educated by highly effective teachers that facilitate optimal academic performance creating post-secondary opportunities beyond their expectations.


University Terrace Elementary
Mission:  University Terrace Elementary School will provide authentic learning experiences which empower students to become problem solvers and lifelong learners in an ever changing society.

Vision:  All students will achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, social, and moral development. They will develop an individual and emotional commitment to lifelong learning. They will be problem solvers who fully develop their purpose in life which enables them to embrace and reflect on all dimensions of human experience. They will become leaders who transform and reconstruct society by constantly questioning the status quo.


Woodlawn Middle School
Mission:  Woodlawn Middle School in partnership with parents and stakeholders will work collaboratively to educate all students to achieve their maximal potential in a safe, caring environment.  We will foster a challenging environment in which students develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and creatively.

As an agent of societal and individual growth Woodlawn Middle School plays an important role in the community. It is a highly diverse middle school with a harmonious multicultural blend of students. The rich diversity of today’s society is clearly evident in many classrooms. The school has a learning environment that works for every child reflecting the cultures of the EBR communities. The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a learning climate that help students develop the skills and attitudes of successful citizens in a global environment.

The school also promotes a strong curriculum in Science, Technology, Arts and Music, with special classes for the academically ‘’Gifted and Talented’’. Boys and girls compete in football, track, volleyball and basketball. The Woodlawn Panthers maintain a distinctly proud tradition in district championships in various sports.


Zachary High School
Mission:  To assist every student in reaching his or her maximum potential through high-quality instruction and character-building experiences.

Vision:  To be nationally recognized as a school of excellence.

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