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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ)

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Program prepares students for careers in the sub-agencies of the criminal justice system and for continued education in professional and graduate schools. National and international themes related to contemporary challenges to the police, courts, and corrections are among those studied and explored in theory and in practice through a diverse curriculum.

The Criminal Justice Program seeks to educate students in the skills required for a successful professional career. These skills include: critic thinking, the ability to communicate thoughts effectively in oral and written form, research methods, statistical and data analysis, and computer technology. In addition, the program teaches students to use ethical behavior in applying the knowledge acquired to factual situations and problems.

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science is designed to provide graduates with a strong foundation in computer science and related disciplines. The curriculum encourages students to become knowledgeable of cutting-edge techniques and practices. Students will learn the requisite core skills and theoretical foundations that have historically driven computer science. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science program have been successful in pursuing careers in research and application-oriented positions in business, industry, government, and education. Students are exposed to a broad range of fundamental concepts in such areas as software engineering, computer organization, database systems, management information systems and operating systems, as well as to a wide variety of computer applications. 

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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies Degree will enable students to develop competencies across a range of disciplines as selected by the student as they prepare for various career tracks. The degree provides a high-quality, comprehensive liberal education and serves to meet the diverse needs of current and future SUBR students. 

The program embraces the opportunity for students to design a course of study that meets their personal and academic objectives and further their professional growth. 

Students select from four pre-set interdisciplinary concentrations or propose a unique individualized concentration which is granted upon approval by a committee of faculty advisors. The program is designed to maximize college credit through a cross-disciplinary focus and enable students to combine their previous academic and work experiences in two or three distinct disciplines. Such rigorous integration of knowledge from two or more disciplines allows for faster degree completion than a traditional major requiring many additional hours in one specific field. The Interdisciplinary Studies degree combines general education courses with an interdisciplinary concentration, electives and other program requirements that will enhance professional growth of the student. 


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Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSP) 

The Department of Psychology offers courses designed to foster an understanding of behavior and mental processes. The department's undergraduate degree program leads to the Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The program provides a foundation into the affective and cognitive processes that underlie human development and behavior. Students who obtain a B.S. degree in psychology may work in mental health facilities, government or business, but they will not be qualified for jobs as professional psychologists without further education. Options are available in prevention and substance abuse counseling that leads to certification in both areas. The department is an approved site to offer substance abuse and prevention course credit. Interested students should discuss this option with their advisor. 


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Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA)

The Online Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) degree is housed within the Southern University Baton Rouge, Department of Public Administration, which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

An EMPA applicant must hold a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a minimum 2.7 cumulative undergraduate G.P.A., though a G.P.A. of 3.0 is preferred. A recommended GRE score of 700+ (old score) or at least scoring in the 40th percentile on both quantitative and verbal (new score) is required. 

Applicants must have at least three years of professional/managerial experience (middle-to-upper level managerial experience) in the public sector (government and/or non-profit organization), of which one year in a managerial capacity in the private sector can be accepted. Middle-to-upper level managerial experience includes public sector and non-profit related experience positions such as, but not limited to, directors, assistant directors, high-level technical staff, senior managers, project/program managers.  


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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The online MBA program is designed to provide a quality business program that prepares students with diverse backgrounds for global career challenges and makes a positive contribution to the public and private sectors. We pride ourselves on providing students with a tailored global experience that incorporates personal, career, and academic goals that will "prepare leaders for the challenges of the global business environment." Our classes are small and taught by internationally renowned and highly motivated faculty members.


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