The Academy



The  Academy at Southern University is focused on students learning outcomes.  The program is designed to address the academic, cultural, personal, and social needs of a select group of 100 first-time freshman students.  These students have similar admissions status, such as:  (1) high school Carnegie units; (2) 2.00 GPA averages; (3) ACT scores of 19-22/ SAT scores of 860-1050; and (4) no previous college credits.  The program participants must have permission from parents and they must agree to abide by the policies and procedures of the Academy.  The Academy has four groups of 25 students each who are required to take the same block of scheduled core, freshman seminar, history, critical thinking and analytical reasoning, and mathematics (college algebra and pre-calculus).  The methodology used is a collaborative learning model with emphasis on critical thinking skills and the high levels of cognition.



The curriculum is divided into the Fall and Spring semesters as follows:


FALL                                                                                                                            Credit Hour


Natural Science Elective                                                                                                       03/04


English 110                                                                                                                             03


Freshman Seminar 110/Engineering 120/

Nursing 120/Seminar in Education 205*                                                                          01


Reading 115 **                                                                                                                       03


History 114                                                                                                                             03


Mathematics 130 or 135                                                                                                      03


Academy Assembly 006                                                                                                         0


*Depends on Students Major Field of Study

** Requirement for All Academy Students


SPRING                                                                                                                    CREDIT HOUR


Natural Science Elective                                                                                                         04


English 111                                                                                                                             03


Freshman Seminar 111                                                                                                       01


History 115                                                                                                                              03


Mathematics 131, 140 or 200                                                                                              03


Academy Assembly 006                                                                                                           0


Major course/Critical Thinking 205                                                                                      03


*All students are required to do freshman level research.


Contact:  Mrs. Rita Hill, Coordinator  225-771-4460, W.W. Stewart Hall Room 158