Early Start Program (Dual Enrollment Program)



The Early  Start Program at  Southern University's Baton Rouge Campus is a program that allows high school students (juniors and seniors) to enroll in college courses for credit  prior to high school graduation. College credit earned through Early Start  can be simultaneously applied toward high school and college graduation and can be transferred to other colleges or universities.  In addition to the College Level Credit, Southern University offers students the enrichment/developmental education courses. However, the developmental elective courses cannot be used toward a college major, but a high school student can use them toward their units for graduation and admissions to a four-year institution.


Benefits of Early Start Program

Early  Start allows students to transition from high school to college easily. Students sees what college is like without being completely overwhelmed with a whole new environment. The classes offer an opportunity for students who do not qualify to take advanced placement (AP) classes to demonstrate a more rigorous course load on their transcripts. It also allows students to accumulate credits prior to entering  college , so they will be able to graduate from  college early or on time.

General Criteria

¨ Student must be currently enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade at a public Louisiana high school.

¨ Student must be on track for completing the Regents/TOPS high school core.

¨ Student must have taken either the PLAN or ACT assessment and those scores are on file at the high school.

¨ Student must be in good standing as defined by the high school.

¨ Student must have program participation permission  from the high school.

¨ Student must be enrolled in a course for which both college and high school credit is available.

Eligibility Criteria

¨ College Level, Degree Credit Course: A course in an academic subject that generates postsecondary institutional credit and appears on the current Board of Regents' Statewide General Education Course Articulation Matrix.

¨ Student must have a PLAN or ACT Composite score of at least 17.

¨ Student must have a PLAN or ACT English sub-score of at least 18 to enroll in an entry level,, college level English course.

¨ Enrichment/Developmental Course: An English or mathematics course that generates postsecondary institutional credit, but not degree credit, and is designed to prepare the student for college-level instruction.

¨ Student must have a PLAN or ACT Composite score of at least 12. Student must have a PLAN or ACT English sub-score of at least 12 to enroll in an English developmental course.

¨ Student must have a PLAN or ACT mathematics sub-score of at least 12 to enroll in a mathematics developmental course.

Dual enrollment courses can be offered on the high school campuses, Southern University's campus, online, or other approved centers.




Early Start Courses  / High School Course Equivalency

English IV                                                            Freshman Composition 110/111

Algebra                                                                College Mathematics I (130)/ II (131)

Advanced Math                                                     Pre-Calculus I (135)/II (140)

American History                                                  History 104/105

World History                                                        History of Civilization (114/115)

Fine Arts Survey                                                    Understanding the Arts 200

Computer Science I                                                Intro to Computer Technology  105  

Physics I                                                                Physics 140/141

Student must have taken Advanced Math and Chemistry)

Biology II                                                                 Biology 104/105 and 106/107 (Lab)

Chemistry II                                                             General Chemistry 132/133 and 112/113 (Lab)

French I & II

Spanish I & II

German I & II

Sociology                                                              Sociology 210

Psychology                                                           Psychology 210

HS Elective                                                            Developmental English 090 and Developmental Math 092


Early Start Program (Dual Enrollment) is a Louisiana Board of Regents initiative. 

Contact:  Dr. Dana Carpenter  225-771-2394 or 771-2395, W.W. Stewart Hall 121