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Abinwi Nchise, Ph.D.

Dr. Abinwi C. Nchise is Director of Research and Operations at the Southern University’s International Center for Information Abinwi Nchise, Ph.D.Technology and Development (ICITD) Baton Rouge and also an Adjunct Professor at Southern University and A&M College. His research interest and publications extend across the fields of Social Sciences, Technology and Public Policy specifically in the areas of; e-government, e-democracy and e-health. A keen interest in the relationship between ICT development/implementation and public sector reforms evaluation and application to real life drives his scholarly research. He has published several peer-reviewed articles and participated in numerous presentations on research that focus on the role of public and political factors underpinning e-government and e-democracy adoption, examining human technology interaction in politics and healthcare


Abinwi is also the Conference Planning and Grounds Chair of the International Conference on ICT for Africa (www.ictforafrica.org), through which he actively promotes ICT research in Africa. Dr. Nchise is a member of African Society for Information and Communication Technology (ASICT), Louisiana Academy of Sciences (LAS) and Digital Government Society of North America


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