SU-HAPP Workshops

HIV 101 

SU-HAPP organizes HIV 101 workshops on campus.  Peer educators facilitate workshops in an effort to educate students about HIV/AIDS related statistics, proper prophylactic use, and STI/STD prevention practices.  Student centered workshops are conducted in health related courses, Freshmen Seminar, and residential life dormitories. Workshops can also be administered to any campus affiliated organization upon request.



SiHLE (Sisters Informing, Healing, Living, and Enlightening) is an HIV prevention program specifically geared towards African American women.  SiHLE is a two component program series consisting of two-hour long, fun filled workshops.   SiHLE is designed to instill cultural and gender pride, encourage healthy lifestyles, and promote and teach HIV prevention skills and techniques.   Peer health sessions provide information regarding preventing HIV transmission, reducing risk behaviors, negotiating safer sex, and resisting peer pressure.  After successfully completing the workshops, participants may receive incentives such as gift cards, prizes, and refreshments. Any Southern University female student may participate.