Administration of Research Project

The Office of Research and Strategic Initiatives (ORSI) was established in July 1996. ORSI provides administrative management and supervision in planning, coordinating, and implementing all aspects of research and development programs and centers at the University. This office is the channel through which the University interacts with the external research sector to share its aspirations, achievements and expertise. It offers services to the faculty, staff, and administration in identifying funding opportunities and in facilitating their efforts in securing and managing sponsored and elective research and creative activities. It also promotes technology transfer; faculty development activities; strengthening curricula, courses, and laboratories through incorporation of advances in research-based teaching and learning; and partnerships and collaboration with other academic institutions, industrial laboratories, and federally supported research centers to ensure research experiences that complement undergraduate and graduate studies. The Vice Chancellor for Research serves as head of ORSI and has authority to recommend research policy on a
campus-wide basis.

Under the administrative oversight of ORSI, is the Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP). OGSP was established in 1987. OGSP is the central unit responsible for serving faculty, administrators, and community, by coordinating pre- and post-award functions related to sponsored and elective programs. This service includes coordinating the acquisition, monitoring, modification, and close-out of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements. This office, within the policy of ORSI, has the authority to decide the manner in which pre-award and post-award activities are conducted campus-wide. It supports the efforts of the Office of Research by assisting faculty and others in obtaining external funds and by serving as an additional link between the University and public and private funding sources.

Office of Research and Strategic Initiatives
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