Work Study: Complaints

Complaints from Students on Federal Work-Study

  • Supervisor often request students to run personal errands off-campus. Students should not be required to run personal errands.
  • Student reprots to work and there is no work. If you do not have work for your student worker on a particular day they should be allowed to leave for the day (the student will not be paid for that day).
  • Supervisor has too many student workers and not enough work to accomodate all.
  • Supervisor request favorite sutdents, who do not report to work, but are compensated for hours each day as if they have worked. These activites are unacceptable and agaings the Federal regualtions, as well as the policies and procedures established by the Federal Work-Study Program. Supervisor/Department will be terminated for this behavior.
  • Supervisor does not provide student with orientation/training or the opportunity to develop new skills.
  • Supervisor does not communicate to the student workers information regarding the Work Study Program that will inadvertently affect the student.