Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

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Student Employment Authorization

  1. Once student returns to the Office of Student Financial Aid with his/her will receive an Authorization to work.
  2. During the interview the Supervisor should tell the student when he/she is expected to report to work.
  3. When a student worker reports to work, he/she should present to the Supervisor the Authorization Form.  At no point should a student be permitted to begin work without authorization.  The Federal Work-Study program is not responsible for compensating students who begin work without permission.
  4. Always check the Student Authorization Form to determine the official date the student is authorized to start work, hourly wage rate, maximum award, and maximum hours a student can work per week, and the last date a student can work for that academic year.
  5. When the contract period expires, the student will no longer continue to earn Federal  Work-Study wages, even if the entire amount awarded has not been earned.  If the student earns his/her total amount before the expiration of his/her employment contract, he/she will no longer be eligible to be paid with federalfunds.   Once the student has earned his/her maximum award, the student must be released from the work study program.