Work Study: Time Reports

Time Reports

A student's time sheet must be submitted to the Work Study Office in a sealed envelope by the Supervisor, time sheets will not be accepted from studets. Copies of the time sheet(s) should be kept for the supervisor's record.

  • Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week when school is in session. Students are not allowed to make up hours missed one week by working more than 20 hours the next.
  • Hours reported by a student employer should be reviewed and initialed by the supervisor each pay period, and hand delovered by the supervisor in an envelope to the Work Study Office.Some students have a habit of changing hours and adding hours en route to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Assuring that students' time sheets are completed and submitted should be the number one priority when the pay period ends. It is the supervisor/student's responsibility to make sure that a student is paid on time!
  • Time sheets must be neat, legible, filled out completely and written in blue/black ink. Whiteouts, erasures, and scratch throughs are not acceptable. If corrections are made, a new timesheet must be submitted.
  • Whenever the student's timesheet is incomplete, it will be returned. Please make sure timesheets are carefully reviewed before forwarding to the Work Study Office. Copies of any adjustments or discrepencies in timesheets will be sent to supervisors.

Timesheet Instructions

Fall 2014 Work Study Timesheets

Work Study Transmittal Form