Pell Grant EFC eligibility decreases

Pell Grant Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Eligibility decreases from 5273 to 4995


The maximum Federal Pell Grant award for the 2012-2013 Award Year is $5,550, the same as for the 2011-2012 Award Year. Therefore, for the vast majority of Expected Family Contributions (EFC) there is no change to the Scheduled Award amount. However, because of a recent statutory change, as described below, related to minimum awards, the maximum Pell Grant eligible EFC for 2012-2013 is 4995 which is less than the 5273 EFC maximum for the 2011-2012 Award Year. This means that a small number of applicants with relatively high EFCs who would have been Pell Grant eligible for the 2011-2012 Award Year will not be eligible for the 2012-2013 Award Year.