Federal Requirement 4.6

13.       Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution's practices and policies. (Federal Requirement 4.6)

X  Compliance           ___ Non-Compliance


Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represents practices and policies, and academic programs at Southern University and A&M College. The University's Office of Admissions and Recruitments maintains current electronic copies of the undergraduate catalog and graduate catalog listing academic programs, course offerings, and academic curriculum plans in order to quickly provide appropriate information to all prospective students. Furthermore, the website, catalog, along with recruitment presentations and materials, provide information on admissions, graduation requirements, requirements for continued enrollment, residency requirements, academic tuition and student fees, physical facilities, faculty, course descriptions, and other items that explain the policies and practice in order for prospective students to make a knowledgeable admission decision. In addition, individual colleges and departments have relevant information posted on the website they are required to maintain (http://www.subr.edu/index.cfm/page/16/n/32).

The Office of Admissions and Recruitment is responsible for ensuring recruitment materials and presentations contain accurate and current information for undergraduate and transfer students. Current recruitment materials include a University View Book, trifold brochure, pennant, wristband, spirit shakers, mega phones, and luggage tags. All recruitment materials were designed to increase interest and build an emotional connection to the University, inform students of important deadlines, academic program offerings, and various opportunities, as well as provide direction to the University and/or departmental websites.

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Academic Affairs

Undergraduate Catalog

Graduate Catalog

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