Political Science Courses


(POLIS) 200 American Government 3 Emphasis is upon what government is; how it operates with respect to individuals and groups; development of our constitutional system; and the citizen in political relations in the community.
POLIS 201 POLITICS AND RELIGION IN AMERICA 3 This course focuses on the relationship between religious denominations and the political process of American government. Also, this course explores how and why political and religious actors choose to participate in interplay, in the voting booth, Congress, state legislatures, the presidency, the courts, interest groups, and the larger culture.
202 International Relations 3 A survey of the interactions among people, states, and transnational factors on the world scene.
206 Writing Seminar 3 Designed to develop writing skills necessary to produce quality research papers in political science. Introduces the student to basic research skills needed to ad- dress political issues.
210 State and Local Government and Administration 3 Constitutional and administrative relationships between state and nation and among states; the organization and operations of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches at the state and local levels; political institutions and processes.
220 Introduction to Political Science 3 Introduces parameters, subfields, and substantive and theoretical issues of the discipline.
232 Introduction to Comparative Government 3 An introductory course on the governmental systems of leading countries outside the United States.
320 Public Administration 3 Introductory course dealing with the development of public administration in the United States; principles and methods of administrative organization and management; personnel and financial administration; administrative law; and responsibilities.
325 Political Parties 3 The development of political parties in the United States; fundamental principles underlying party organization and functions; and the party platform, nominating devices, and campaign methods.
330 The American Presidency 3 Duties and responsibilities of the office of the American Chief Executive; and the several interpretations put upon the office of the presidency.
351 Constitutional Law 3 Selected leading decisions of the Court of the United States and their impact upon the basic principles of our system of government.
399 Political Science Seminar 3 An interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of political behavior in the pursuit of public policy objectives.
401 Readings in Political Science 3 An interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of political behavior in the pursuit of public policy objectives.
402 Black Politics 3 Political efforts of American Blacks and other racial minorities to acquire their constitutional rights. History of race relations in the United States; and emphasis on contemporary efforts and related problems.
403 Louisiana Government and Politics 3 A survey of Louisiana's political system at both the local and state levels. Major emphasis is placed on the operation of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches at the state level.
404 Urban Politics 3 Analysis of politics in urban communities with attention to urban problems, including urban planning, urban renewal, and racial conflict.
410 The Legislative Process 3 The theory and practice of legislative organization and procedures, policy determination, and executive legislative relationships.
411 Introduction to Law 3 Emphasis on legal history, research, and reasoning techniques through use of case briefs, shepardizing cases, writing legal memoranda, research papers, law school exam, and classroom discussions of hypothetical cases. Some substantive areas of civil and criminal law will be covered through use of the case method and assignments given. Specific attention will be made on preparation for the Law School Admission Test.
412 Seminar in Public Administration 3 An examination of selected major theoretical concerns and leading issues in the study of public administration; administrative behavior; and policy analysis.
414 Introduction to Public Policy Analysis 3 Exploration of the processes involved in the formulation and implementation of authoritative decisions with emphasis on alternative models of policy and analysis and selected subject matter area.
420 Women in Politics 3 Surveys involvement of women in the American political process with selected subject studies from other political systems.
430 Seminar in American Presidency 3 A course designed to examine the American presidency with special emphasis on the growth and development of the office in the 20th century.
432 Comparative Government 3 A comparative study of the governmental systems of the leading countries of Europe and Asia.
435 American Foreign Policy 3 A critical introduction to the nature, content, motivations, principles, and practices, and institutional framework of American foreign policy.
442 Government and Politics of the Middle East 3 An examination of the national, regional, and international politics of the Middle East.
460 American Political Ideas 3 A study of political ideas of representative American statesmen and publicists.
470 Current Issues 3 Designed to analyze and interpret major contemporary issues both foreign and domestic.
472 The Constitution and Civil Liberties 3 Study of First Amendment, loyalty within the democratic state, rights of persons accused of crime, and government's responsibility to protect persons from racial and religious discrimination with attention to the role of law and judges.
480 Political Theory 3 Political thought from the Greeks and Romans to Machiavelli; and leading political theorists from Machiavelli to the present.
482 Black Political Thought 3 A survey of the political thought of Blacks from ancient times to the present.
483 Advanced Seminar in Political Science 3 A capstone course required of all political science majors. A review of the discipline through readings and classroom discussion. The final examination for the course is the required departmental comprehensive examination.
484 Quantitative Techniques in Political Science 3 An upper level and graduate course focusing on the application of specific quantitative techniques to political and social sciences.
486 Government and Politics of Africa 3 A survey of the growth, character, and trends of constitutional development of African states.
493 Africa in World Politics 3 An advanced seminar dealing with African international relations, giving special attention to the role of African nations at the United Nations and in their relations with major world powers.
494 Independent Research In Political Science 3 A senior and graduate research component in which students will explore those areas which are of critical interest or in which there is a need for them to develop greater depth or breadth in political science. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.
496 The American Political Process 3 A course centered around the major decisionmaking organs of the American political process and utilizing a variety of approaches to the study of political phenomena.
499 Internship 3 Provides experiences in national and state legislatures, administrative agencies, political parties, and other governmental and private agencies.



210 Cultural Geography 3 Area studies of peoples of the world and their settlement characteristics; and evaluation of origins, dispersals, population, and settlement patterns.
221 Principles of Geography 3 An introduction to some of the tools and techniques of geography and to some of the factors and concepts of physical and cultural geography.





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