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Master's Degree in Physics


The M.S. Degree Program in Physics started in the Fall of 1996. The program provides high quality educational and research opportunities for students interested in a highly demanding field of physics and applied physics/materials science and related disciplines.The objectives of the program are to (1) prepare students for hi-tech fields (2) prepare students for doctoral studies in physics and related fields and (3) extend the physics training/research skills of high school teachers.

Illustrative Areas of Ongoing Research:

  • Condensed Matter Physics (Theory and Experiments)
  • Computational Physics
  • Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear Physics, and Applications
  • Surface Physics
  • Material Science
  • High-Tc Superconductivity
  • High Energy and Astro Particle Physics
  • Teaching and Learning Physics

Curriculum(for the general option and the options in applied physics and materials science)

The basic core graduate courses are taken by each student: Mechanics,Mathematical Physics I, Classical Electrodynamics I, Quantum Mechanics,and Statistical Mechanics. Students who have a particular interestin pursuing a Ph.D. Degree are the ones who will take the second courses in most of these sequences. While applied physics students will take thefirst courses of the above sequences, they will concentrate on topical areas relevant to their programs in subsequent courses. Another set of reform guided, technology imbued, and concept intensive core courses is available for teachers and professionals who want to earn a master's degree in Physics.

Fellowships and assistantships:

The Board of Regents Support Fund (BRSF) Superior Graduate Fellowshipis available, at the level of $12,000 - $15,000 per year (12 months), plus tuition and fees. The total of this support is over $17,000 per year. Currently,three (3) fellowships are offered. Graduate assistantships that amount to a minimum of $12,000 per year (12 months) are available year around. Recipients of these awards are assigned very limited and appropriate teaching assignments; these assignments add to their academic credentials.There are ten (10) assistantships. · Graduate research assistantships are available in sufficient number to support up to ten (10) graduate students.Recipients of these research assistantships conduct research under the supervision of the directors of the respective grants/contracts that are providing the funding. There are over ten (10) research assistantships.

Qualified minority and non-minority students are equally urged to apply.