Prospective Midshipmen

Welcome aboard! Congratulations on your decision to join the Naval ROTC Unit at Southern University. Below you will find the instructions and forms that must be completed in order to start this Fall.

Medical Qualification

Your highest priority should be to complete the required DODMERB physical.  This is the most time-critical part of getting ready for the fall and should be scheduled as soon as possible in order to have time for remedial examinations or waivers, if necessary. Without satisfactory completion of your medical qualification, you will not be eligible to receive scholarship benefits. You should have received a detailed letter included in your scholarship acceptance package with instructions on how to schedule and complete your physical. If you have any questions or concerns about the DODMERB physical process, contact our Human Resources Assistant, Ms. Keokuk at (225) 771-4390 or by email at College program midshipmen are required to have their primary care physician complete a medical examination and medical history questionnaire in lieu of the DODMERB physical.

 New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation (NSO) is TBD. It is here you will be imparted with the basics of military orientation and drill and is the singular most influential time to set the stage for your future success. The links below provide critical information and checklists to prepare you for NSO. If you have any questions, contact your freshman advisor, LT Kelvin Davis, by email at or by telephone at (225) 771-4676.


Required Documentation

All incoming freshman must complete required documentation as soon as possible and well in advance of New Student Orientation. These forms will facilitate your administrative check-in into the Battalion and ensure your scholarship benefits get started on time. Download all the forms, read the instructions carefully, and make sure you complete everything that is required. 


NROTC Scholarship Awardees required documents for NROTC New Student Orientation (NSO)

1. NROTC Midshipman Checklist for Orientation (Required items)

2. NROTC Midshipman Information Sheet - Fax only to 225-774-3604 NLT 14 JUL (Attn: HRA)

3. Fax copy of Birth Certificate to 225-774-3604 NLT 14 JUL (Attn: HRA)- Bring original to NROTC NSO

4. Uniform Measurement Worksheet - Fax copy to 225-774-3604 NLT 14 JUL (Attn: Supply) 

5. NROTC Security Clearance (SF86 2010)- Hand carry to NROTC NSO

6. Midshipman Banking Info- Hand carry original to NROTC NSO

7. Immunization Records and bloodwork- Hand carry to NROTC NSO

8. Destructive Weather Preparedness Form

9. NSTC 1533_135 NROTC Scholarship Service Agreement (Read only, this form will be signed during NROTC NSO)

Those that are not qualified by DODMERB must complete 5, 6, and 7 under the NROTC College Program Basic documents 

NROTC College Program Basic required documents for NROTC New Student Orientation (NSO)

1. NROTC Midshipman Checklist for Orientation (Required items)

2. NROTC Midshipman Information Sheet – Fax only to 225-774-3604 NLT 14 JUL (Attn:  HRA)

3. Fax copy of Birth Certificate to 225-774-3604 NLT 14 JUL (Attn:  HRA) – but bring original to NROTC (NSO)

4. Supply Uniform Measurement sheet – Fax copy to 225-774-3604 NLT 14 JUL (Attn:  Supply)

5. Immunization Records and Bloodwork – Hand carry to NROTC (NSO)

6. NROTC Basic Sport Physical Medical Exam - Hand carry to NROTC (NSO)

7. NROTC Report of Medical History- Hand carry to NROTC (NSO)

8. NROTC Basic Standard Release Form - Hand carry to NROTC Orientation (NSO)

9. NROTC College Program Application NSTC 1533_133

10. Destructive Weather Preparedness Form


Naval Science Courses Cross-Registration Instructions

Naval Science Courses Cross-Registration Form



Southern University

Incoming Southern University freshmen need to apply for housing by submitting the Southern University Housing Application. Send a copy of your application to our University Liaison, Ms. Charlotte Milligan, by email at or by fax at (225) 774-3604. You will normally be placed in a dorm with another incoming NROTC midshipman. In-state students should move into their dorms on Southern University's Welcome Week. Out of state students should move into their dorms prior to attending Session 8 of JAG365. 

Louisiana State University

Incoming LSU Freshmen need to apply for housing at LSU midshipmen have the option of living on campus in the honors dorm with another incoming NROTC student at West Laville Hall. To live in West Laville, you must make your request directly to the LSU NROTC Housing Liaison, Ms. Lin Warmsley, by email at or by phone at (225) 578-8988. LSU freshmen will be able to move into their dorm room after the first day of New Student Orientation. LSU students should be prepared to pay a small fee per night until the official move-in date. Transporation will be provided to and from your dorm daily during New Student Orientation. LSU students are recommended to attend FOAP 8 prior to moving into their housing location. 

Financial Aid

Please note that the NROTC scholarship covers tuition, fees, and a book stipend of $375 per semester.  Traditionally and to date, Southern University has paid a portion of NROTC students' room and board as a gesture of support for the U.S. Armed Forces.  Due to the current economic conditions, it is prudent to anticipate that Southern may experience budget shortfalls that reduce or preclude the ability to cover room and board costs for NROTC students.  In the event that this occurs, the FAFSA and Pell Grant will be applied to room and board expenses.  It is critical that you do not accept any loans, federal Supplemental Educational Opportunities Grants (SEOG), or work study grants without approval from your NROTC advisor. As such, it is important to complete the below financial aid requirements. Complete the FAFSA (Financial Aid/Pell Grant) application process as soon as possible at Students and parents should apply for a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at Your PIN will serve as your electronic signature needed to process the FAFSA. If you are receiving aid for the first time, you must complete the FASFA. Students must file a FAFSA each year for eligibility consideration.

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