Banner 9



With a Spring 2018 Go-Live date the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is completing the final upgrade to Banner 9 in the Banner Production Environment. This new Banner release delivers a number of important enhancements, including a modern user interface, enhanced navigation and process management tools, and new functionality across the student, HR and finance functions. It will also give us greater flexibility as we’ll be able to run Banner on any browser and on tablets.  

With any system upgrade, we know that people often grow concerned over what will change, and we have been working to understand and anticipate those changes. We ask that each Banner user register for the Ellucian Hub to access documentation, training material and support for Banner 9. If you are a Banner INB user and have not yet completed a Banner 9 Login Credentials Request Form please so as soon as possible to access the Banner 9 developmental environment.

DoIT plans to begin the move to production Banner 9 by upgrading the various administrative modules in a phased approach. We will start in January 2018 and we are targeting completion for December 2018. Because we are upgrading the administrative modules, there will be little to no impact on our students.

We will be keeping you informed of our progress through our website,, as well as through open discussions with your functional areas, and we welcome your involvement as a part of this initiative. 

Thanks for your usual cooperation,

Division of Information Technology