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Lab Software Only Request Form

Please complete the form below (Faculty and Teaching Assistants only) if you are requesting software for a computer lab. Requests must be made six weeks before the start of class. Existing software (on our software list) requests must be made three weeks prior to the start of class. This gives time to install and preliminarily test the software, and time for faculty to perform the final usability checking of the software.

Note: If you would like to request a computer lab reservation, or a computer lab reservation and software together, DO NOT use this form; please fill out the Request a Computer Lab Reservation Form here.

Please list (in detail) any software you would like installed in a computer lab.

(Please be specific so we can assist you better.)
On which computer type/operating system do you prefer the software be installed?
PC Windows
MAC or PC/Windows
Does the instructor plan to provide software?
If yes, please list details
How many hours per week will each student need to use the computer lab (e.g. for homework, etc.) for your course?

(Questions, notes, contacts of TAs authorized to make requests on your behalf, etc.)

Requestor's Information


(First Name)

(Last Name)
E-Mail Address

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