Program Services

Program Services

Fatherhood Services:

1.      Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum:

  • Sessions meet once or twice a week.
  • Topics include (but are not limited to): Value Systems, Relationship building, Rights as a Non-Custodial Father, Stress/Time Management, Communication, Money Management, Self-Sufficiency, Anger Management, and Understanding Children's Behaviors, and more.

2.      Peer Discussion Groups:

Allows participants an opportunity to express concerns related to parenting, life, relationships, and learn to use life experiences to promote personal growth and help others.


Economic Stability Services:

1.      Job Placement Assistance

  • Weekly Job Readiness Sessions
  • Job Lists and referrals to Career Solutions
  • Resume Development
  • Financial Literacy
  • Handling Conflict on the Job
  • Effective Communication 
  • Interviewing Techniques 
  • Job Fairs

2.      Job Training 

  • OSHA regulated certification in Hazmat, Mold Remediation, and Basic Construction.
  • 72 hour classroom instruction (includes field trip)
  • Meals and transportation are provided



Additional Services include:

  1. Transportation Assistance (to sessions)
  2. Clothing Assistance ("My Father's Closet")
  3. Family Day Activities (spend quality time with children)
  4. Individualized Service Plans
  5. Agency Referrals (Custody/Visitation, Legal, Housing, Paternity, etc.)