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 Chairperson: Dr. Oswald D'Auvergne


Office: (225) 771-5210


Announcement for Graduating Seniors and Advisers: Graduation Applications for Fall 2022 are due at the Chair's Office by Friday, August 18 (applications approved by Chair are due at the Dean's Office on August 25th.



Program Mission statement



The overall mission of the University is to produce students who are nationally and internationally competitive in professional and graduate schools and in the marketplace. The Biology Program in the Department of Biological Sciences and Chemistry strives to contribute to this mission through teaching, research, and community service of its faculty. It offers a values-based, student-centered and highly diverse academic environment. The Program encourages student research by providing educational breadth and hands-on training with the offering of laboratory and field experiences of optimal quality.


The mission of the Biology Program is twofold: (1) It seeks to educate students in the principle tenets of the biological sciences through structured inquiry and opportunities for individualized experiential learning. (2) It is committed to teaching ethical behavior in experimental design and practice to all of its students. The program strives to provide the best educational opportunities possible for students to attain their academic goals and for faculty to engage in scholarship in an atmosphere that encourages a free exchange of ideas.

Program Educational Objectives /Goals

The Biology Program recognizes excellent student education as its first priority. In addition to formal programs of study, it offers opportunities for research, service, and laboratory activities. The program seeks to provide quality instruction to biology majors, majors in other sciences, and non-science students enrolled in biology service courses. Additionally, the program aspires to maintain quality instruction and a scholarly atmosphere in its M.S. degree program.



Program Learning Outcomes


The overall purpose of the Biology Program is to provide a rigorous and solid preparation for students who plan to enter a full range of postgraduate programs in most fields of biology as well as a full range of professional schools. A student receiving a B.S. in biology should be able to demonstrate proficiency in the following Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

  • LO1 Knowledge in the Biological Sciences
  • LO2 Critical Thinking
  • LO3 Scientific Method
  • LO4 Evaluation of Scientific Literature
  • LO5 Group Participation and Collaboration
  • LO6 Writing and Speaking
  • LO7 Recognition of Structural and Functional Relationships
  • LO8 Cellular Processes
  • LO9 Proficiency in Genetics
  • LO10 Theory of Evolution