Biology Program Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff


  • Eduardo Martinez-Ceballos

Professor and Chair of Biology and Chemistry

Research Interests: 1) Role of the Hoxa1 on the neuronal   differentiation of mouse Embryonic Stem (ES) cells. This project is funded by an AREA (R15) grant from the NIH. 2) Mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer cell lines. 3) Effect of Hibiscus extracts as neuroprotetive agents. Funded through a NIFA grant.


Office: 244 William James Hall, 225-771-5210 

Laboratory: 216 Health Research Center (Lee Hall Annex), 225-771-3606. Lab Website

Professor Office 225-771-0042 244 William James Hall


  • Pushpa Samkutty



Office: 246 William James Hall, 225-771-2744 

  • Lidiya Dubytska

Associate Professor

Research Interest: interest is in host-pathogen interactions, including host defense against intracellular pathogens and molecular mechanisms associated with the ability of pathogens to survive inside of host cells. My current research interest focuses on the human pathogen Legionella pneumophilia and the catfish pathogen Edwardsiella Ictaluri


Office:  253 William James Hall, 225-771-4905


  • Xiaoping Yi

Assistant Professor 

Research Interests: Role of Resveratrol (RES) on Prostate Cancer cell growth. This research is funded by an INBRE Pilot grant.

Office:   244 William James Hall, 225-771-5210 



  • Brenda L. Hatfield

        Administrative Assistant III


        Office:  244 William James Hall, 225-771-5210