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Campus Safety

Here are the latest preventive measures to take:

  • Early medical evaluation and self isolation. Separate the ill from the well. Student/staff encouraged to stay at home or in their room until 24 hours after resolution of fever without fever reducing medications.
  • Frequent hand washing with anti-bacterial hand solution, especially after coughing or sneezing.
  • Use alcohol based sanitizer to clean commonly used areas (remote controls, desks, etc).
  • Cover cough with tissue or sleeve rather than the hand. Dispose of tissue after use.

Shirley Wade, director of Student Health Services, said that the clinic has several hundred rapid flu test kits available, as well as Tamiflu.

If a student reports to the clinic with symptoms, a rapid flu test will be done and if positive it will be assumed that the student has the H1N1 flu. An additional specimen will be collected and sent to an area lab for positive confirmation. The student will be given a dose of Tamiflu and sent to an area pharmacy to complete the prescription.

The SU student body, high risk staff, and those staff under 25 years of age, are slated to receive the H1N1 flu vaccination when it becomes available mid-October. Plans are underway to accomplish this task with the Department of Health and Hospitals.

For further reading on the university's H1N1 plans click here.

University H1N1 Plans


Emergency Contact List



Office Phone

James Llorens



Margaret Ambrose

Special Assistant to the Chancellor


Flandus McClinton

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration


Brandon Dumas

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs



Director, Office of Planning, Assessment,
and Institutional Research



Vice Chancellor for Research and Strategic


Huey Lawson

Director of Technology and Network Services

771-3935 ext. 200

Ed Pratt

Assistant to the Chancellor for Media Relations



Athletics Director


Mary Wells

Facilities Planner



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