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Device and Management Policy

Network Device and Service Management Policy

Policy Statement

The Office of Technology and Network Services (TNS) offer services which are vital for the successful operation of the Southern University Baton Rouge campus network. This network management policy is intended to protect the integrity of the Southern University network and its constituent elements and thereby ensure the continued availability of all services provided via the SUBR network.

Purpose for Policy

Southern University must have a stable and reliable environment for all students, faculty and staff to conduct computing and communication activities. All devices that are connected to the SUBR network and all SUBR provided services available via the network shall be actively managed to ensure the integrity, performance, and availability of the network and availability of SUBR network services. It is to also define the policies and procedures for the use of the network services authorized by Technology and Network Services.


As authorized by Southern University Technology and Network Services policy, this document applies to all uses of all network devices connected to the Southern University network and services at all locations on the Southern University Baton Rouge campus, both inside buildings and in outdoor areas.

Policy and Procedures

  • The Campus Network Management (CNM) unit is responsible for configuring and managing the university's wired and wireless network as well as all connectivity to the network.
  • CNM will be the sole provider of design, specification, installation, operation, maintenance, and management services for all devices that are connected to the Southern University network and all Southern University provided services. Only devices installed and configured by CNM personnel are permitted on the network. All network devices must comply with all security features of the network. Devices are to not be installed on the network without the permission of Campus Network Management.
  • All devices connected to the SUBR network are property of TNS.
  • CNM reserves the right to review any device or service attached to the network for vigilant management, adequate security, and appropriate representation of the University.
  • CNM reserves the right to deny access to the network by any device or service that is deemed to be a significant security risk.
  • System administrators or IT department personnel are responsible for protecting the devices and services from accidental or malicious service outages and disruptions by contacting personnel from CNM.
  • Most Southern University faculty and staff offices are wired to connect to the University's network.
  • Desktop and laptop computers can be connected to the network using a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet card and cable. In addition to connecting network printers, your personal space, and email server your network connection provides you with high speed connectivity to the Internet.
  • Although there is a charge to install a new network jack, there is no charge to activate an existing port or a monthly fee for use.
  • Requests for a new network port should be phoned in (771-3935 ext 228) or emailed to ( Technology & Network Services. If an entirely new network jack has to be installed because the office has never had a computer in it before, the cost is $150. It is also possible to get a longer cable to run from the computer to the wall jack - please call TNS for more information.
  • TNS suggests that you use your personal and group suNET accounts to store important files - no one else has access to this space except for you and it is unlikely that a hardware failure will cause you to lose data from these drives. (Implement: July 2006)
  • Faculty and staff may log onto the suNET environment to access to their personal storage space, group storage space and personal web space. (See for instructions.)
  • In addition, you can log on to the SUBR domain from most other computers on campus and still access your suNET resources.
  • In the group space, departments can also set up shared hard drive spaces that are accessible by a group of users to store commonly used documents.