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Physics Program


Physics Program
Room 151, William James Hall
Southern University and A&M College
Baton Rouge, LA 70813 
Phone: (225) 771-4130
Fax:     (225) 771-2310


For more information, contact
Laurence Henry, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics and Department Chair




Performance based Review and Justification for the Continuation of the 
B.S. and M.S. Degree Programs in Physics at SUBR





Access @ MIT: ACCESS is a weekend of engaging events intended to introduce talented 
under-represented minority undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) to the 
benefits of a graduate education in science and engineering and related career opportunities.

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Undergraduate Comprehensive Examination, contact Dr. Laurence Henry, Professor, Mathematics and Physics, SUBR, at 771-4130.