About ROTC


About ROTC 

Army ROTC is a unique college elective. It not only teaches you the technical skills used in the Army, but also the leadership skills necessary for success. The credits received from ROTC classes are applied toward your diploma. And when you graduate, in addition to your diploma, you'll receive a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army. ROTC also awards scholarships - based solely on merit - to hundreds of students each year.

ROTC training goes beyond the typical college classroom. You could be leading your classmates on a tactical "mission", or taking part in outdoor adventure training designed to improve your ability to solve problems under stress.

You'll learn skills you would expect to find in an Army officer including how to motivate co-workers, cope with the unexpected, and organize large, complex tasks. But you'll also learn skills in demand today in the civilian and business world such as teamwork, tact, and effective communication. You'll learn from experienced Army officers and noncommissioned officers and, in time, help pass on what you've learned to newer students as well.

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