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General Policies

  1. Writing consultations will be student-centered. That means they will largely be guided by conversations about the work. Consultants will pose questions and will use the answers to tailor the session to the needs and skill level of the student.
  2. The consultations will mostly focus on improving the student’s capacity to cultivate an effective, clear voice in her or his work. Grammar and syntax may be addressed, but if these aspects of writing are the major concerns, the student will be asked to first review the resources on grammar and syntax, which are provided in the “Resources for Students” section of the UWCC website.
  3. The consultation does not guarantee a particular grade for any paper draft. You should consult with your professor/instructor if you have questions about your grade.
  4. Students are responsible for identifying concerns about their drafts that they wish to have addressed in their consultation.
  5. Students may not drop off papers to pick up later. They are required to take an active, engaged role in the consultation. 
  6. Communication consultants are not subject-matter experts and should not be expected to know the subject of any given paper.
  7. Referrals to the writing center are at the discretion of individual professors/instructors (Referral forms are available on the “Resources for Instructors” page of the website).
  8. If a student fails to show up to an appointment without notifying the consultant, s/he/they must wait three school days before scheduling another appointment. 

Scheduling Policies

  1. Students may schedule up to three consultations a week, but there must be 24 hours between consultations. Also, they are allowed to schedule only one consultation at a time. In other words, a student may schedule a second or third meeting only after s/he has already met with a consultant once or twice, respectively, that week.    
  2. Students must use the online scheduling service provided on the UWCC Website in order to schedule a consultation or a group meeting.
  3. We encourage students to schedule ahead of time (preferably at least twelve hours) to allow the communication consultant to read the work before the meeting. The full thirty minutes will then be centered on the consultant's feedback and the student's plan for revision. However, students are allowed to schedule the moment of, if the time slot is open. If this is the case, the communication consultant will read the student's work during the thirty minute time slot, and if there is time left, the consultant will then review the feedback. If there is no time left or if the student and consultant run out of time, the student will be required to schedule another appointment in order to receive the rest of the feedback. 
  4. Papers/projects will be emailed to the consultant so that the consultant can read it before the meeting.
  5. Scheduling back-to-back consultations for the same project is not permitted. Students should show significant revision between consultations. 
  6. Students should schedule consultations prior to their paper/project due dates.

Appointment Policies

  1. Consultations will be scheduled for 30 minutes, allowing time for consultation and discussion of student drafts.
  2. Students who arrive 10 minutes late (or more) for a scheduled appointment will find their appointment cancelled if a walk-in requests a consultation.
  3. When signing up for an appointment, please do not sign up for an appointment with your professor/instructor. Choose another consultant in order to get an impartial feedback on your draft.