Center for Student Success

I-STAR-LC Mission: Integrated Student, Teaching, Advising, Research and Learning Center (I-STAR-LC), a Title III funded initiative, is dedicated to addressing the issue of undergraduate students, particularly underrepresented minority students who enter college, but are not academically prepared to succeed in college programs. I-STAR-LC will provide students in each academic degree program the benefit of individualized advising and unique collaborative learning environments along with online learning access within the college. The 3-prong approach of Teaching, Advising and the Learning Centers efforts are to improve retention and graduation rates. I-STAR-LC Academic Advisors will provide support primarily to students who have achieved 36 student credit hours or less. Through the advancement of learner empowerment and effective advisement, I-STAR-LC supports the University's mission to provide nurturing development of students.  


Location: Harris Hall, 1st floor, Suites 1075 and 1080  and Harris Hall Annex Suite C
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm., Monday through Friday
Telephone: (225) 771-4040


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