Kakayla Golden ready to push sustainability effort at SU


Southern University's Kakayla Golden recently represented the school at the Toyota Green Ambassador training at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta.


The experience "was an eye opener in the world of the recycling and sustainability movement at HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)," said Golden, a senior, mass communications major.


Now, the Minden native, said she is eager to lead a recycling effort on the Baton Rouge campus. She wants to be a catalyst to start a sustainability club and encourage student leaders to join the effort.


The Toyota Green Ambassador program also provided insight into a number of internships and grants that are available, she said, adding that some of those internships are in Africa.

Golden said, the assignments at the Atlanta meeting provided the students with an opportunity to work as a team to complete the tasks such as designing the HBCU of the future.  Each group had to integrate concepts of sustainability, involving diversity and equity, global and local considerations.


Students had to explain how our universities will educate a generation of leaders prepared to tackle the challenges of sustainability. "This particular assignment took tremendous teamwork, creativity, research, and vision," Golden said. "We dealt with campus, local community, and global issues and initiatives."

The students also witnessed several presentations from professors, advisors, and representatives of many different organizations, including information on how campuses can use social media and online resources to boost campus participation in the "Go Green" movement.


Golden stressed the importance of the African-American community becoming more aware of the climate change issue and to participate in the recycling and sustainability initiatives in their areas.

"The subject of recycling and sustainability is a major one that should be addressed by the African-American community," she said, adding that several HBCUs were already hard at work on the sustainability issue.


"I look forward to collaborating with the HBCU schools, mentors, and advisors to bring Southern University and A&M College to a global audience with the global initiative of recycling and sustainability," she said.


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