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Commuter Student Programs

The Commuter Student Program considers and responds to the diverse needs of commuting students and helps these students benefit from the institution's total education process.
The goals of the commuter student program are:

  • provide services and facilities to meet physical, personal safety, and educational needs of commuting students based on institutional assessment of their needs.
  • ensure that the institution provides commuter students equal access to services development.
  • Make available opportunities to assist commuting students in their individual development.
  • Act as an advocate for commuter students.

Commuter students may range from a small minority to the entire student population.
The commuter students in any higher educational institution are entitled to the full benefits of the curricular and co-curricular programs and services offered, regardless of their full-time or part-time status, whether they commute from near or far, are day or evening students, are living independently for the first time, or are returning after an extended interruption. Each commuter student is entitled to fair and reasonable access to institutional resources and full administrative support.

The Commuter Student Program must:

  • Meet the unique needs of commuter students such as adequate parking, emergency assistance in parking lots, car pool programs, study space in classroom buildings, and mobile food service.
  • Serve as a centralized information center and dissemination system, such as calendars, posting systems, emergency telephone numbers, and information hotlines.
  • Include daytime social and cultural activities, workshops on relevant topics, activities located in areas off campus that are densely populated by students, family-oriented activities.
  • Recognize the diverse subgroups of the commuter student population including students that are older, married, fully employed, part-time, evening, veterans, or those living at home with parents, as we