Southern University professor in New York art exhibition


Southern University Professor Randell Henry will have several of his collages at a major art exhibition in New York City March 6-8.

The pieces will be shown at the "Scope New York 2015 International Contemporary Art Show" at the Scope Pavillion.

"This is what I have been reaching for as a visual artist since I was a student at Southern University in the 1976 through 1979," Henry said. "To have works at the Apex, the center of the art world where serious art collectors can see, is a dream for an artist."

Many of the art collectors who attend shows such as one at the Scope Pavillion are from the world of business, industry, sports, entertainment, doctors, lawyers and people behind some of the biggest companies around the world who demand art in their lives. 

"They go to buy art and they spend millions of dollars," Henry said.

"My goal as a Southern University Visual Arts professor is to be certain that students who are on this campus see works of art, learn about art and go to museums and art galleries in their neighborhoods and across the nation," he said.

"The art world is big and exciting. I hope that I can inspire students to reach for the top in their fields of studies," Henry said. "They can if they really want to. It takes work, dedication and a focus on things that are more important. It is challenging but it can be fun."



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