Seminars and Workshops

Seminars & Workshops

Leroy Posey Seminars

In honor of the first chairman to head the Department of Mathematic, our Mathemaics Program hosts a Leroy Posey Seminar during the academic year. Generally, the seminars provide opportunities for current or invited faculty/guests to present results of their research efforts or other mathematical information for professional awareness. Presenters are awarded a 'Certificate of Participation' from the department in recognition of their service as a lecturer.

           Dr. Katrina Cunningham, Mathematics Program Chair, Dr. Everett D. Gibson, retired SUBR mathematics professor, 

with a Leroy Posey 'Certificate of Participation'



The Mathematics Program under the Department of Mathematics, Physics and SMED hosts various workshops with faculty, mathematics students, and/or general constituents of academia throughout the academic year.  Occasionally, professional development workshops for faculty provide hands-on experiences.