Child Development (CHDV)

Child Development (CHDV)

Assistant Professor:  Cheria Lane-Mackey, Ed.D.

The Child Development program leads to multidisciplinary career opportunities related to human development, education and well-being of children and families. Participants of the program will select from a wide range of courses, including-but not limited to-social work, business, government and education.

The program's goal is to prepare participants for career paths that span a variety of entry level professional positions in settings such as:

  • Administration of programs for children, youth & elderly
  • Private/Non-profit service
  • Child and family policy management and administration
  • Child and family services advocacy
  • Early childhood education
  • Head Start program
  • Social Service case manager
  • Much, much more!

To be admitted to the Child Development Program students must:

  • First, qualify for admission to Southern University and A&M College. Go to
  • Declare a major in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Child Development (College of Sciences and Agriculture)
  • Be properly advised for effective matriculation and academic success

The curriculum sheet with course requirements is provided during the student's initial advisement session.