Criminal Justice Online Programs

Criminal Justice Faculty


Dr. Allison Anadi, PhD., Criminal Justice and Criminology, Michigan State University; Master's in Public Administration (MPA), Eastern Michigan University.

Dr. Russell Dawkins, PhD., Criminology, University of Maryland; Master's in Public Administration (MPA) with Criminal Justice Concentration, University of Southern California.


Dr. Chanika Jones, PhD., Sociology/Criminology, Louisiana State University; Master's in Sociology/Criminology, Louisiana State University.


Dr. Sunday Anadi, PhD., Political science, University of Zurich, Switzerland; M.Sc. International Relations, University of Nigeria; M.A. Criminal Justice, Southern University and A&M College.                                                            


Atty. Stephone Addison, JD, Law, Southern University Law center; Master's in Criminal Justice, Southern University in New Orleans.


John Hart, ABD, Public Policy, Southern University; Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, Southern University.


Johnnie Jones, ABD, Human Ecology and Criminology, Louisiana State University; Master's degree in Sociology, Louisiana State University.