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RCBPUP Proposal Development

Proposal Development

  1. Tell your story within the stipulated page limit of the narrative.

    • Choose a short but attractive title that captures the key issue that you will address.
    • Write a grabbing 1-page abstract.
    • Come to the point quickly. What is the issue of concern? Why is it important? How the issue relates to the priorities of the funding agency and mission of your institution?
    • Appendices only supplement the information provided in the narrative.
    • Strictly follow format requirements of the funding agency.
  2. You do not have to cite everything. Cite the most important sources (must be refereed). Where did the problem  originate? Where does it stand? What must be done? What is innovative about your approach or solution to this problem?
  3. Use a flow chart or gant chart to show the logic of the array of activities to be performed under the proposed project.
  4. Collaborative projects are encouraged by funding agencies. If you have a multidisciplinary group, describe the talents of the "Dream Team". This can be done subtly, in various ways (e.g., citation of important papers, a signature approach, etc.) or more overtly by acknowledging responsibilities for different parts of the design and approach.
  5. Make sure you address ALL THE ISSUES in the Request for Proposals (RFP) and complete all required forms with signature.