Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

B.S. Degree in Sociology

A student majoring in sociology must complete a total of 128 semester hours of which 42 semester hours must be in sociology, including the following required courses: Introduction to Sociology SOCL 210, Contemporary Social Problems SOCL 220, Social Psychology SOCL 320, Problems of Marriage and Family SOCL 335, Social Statistics SOCL 350, Urban Community SOCL 428, Minority Group Relations SOCL 434, Social Research 450, Sociological Theory SOCL 455, Juvenile Delinquency and Its Treatment SOCL 485, Senior Seminar SOCL 499, and nine (9) hours of electives in sociology. Students may take an additional nine (9) credit hours for a concentration in one of the following areas: social psychology, deviancy, demography and human ecology, intergroup relations, and research methodology.

Requirements for details.

  • The completion of at least 32 semester hours of credit in a major field; the specific semester-hour requirement for curricula in each department is outlined in the description of the program of that department.
  • The completion of the following general education requirements:

English 9 credits
(Freshman Composition, ENGL 110 and 111, plus three hours of literature to be selected from ENGL 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, or an appropriate higher level literature course).

Mathematics 6 Hours
MATH 130 or above

Arts  3 Hours 
To be selected from ART 200, MUSC 200, or MUSC 353

Science 10 Hours
Each student must complete at least 10 semester hours in the natural sciences, both physical and biological, which includes a two-semester sequence, totaling six semester hours. A one semester hour laboratory experience must be included in this 10-hour requirement. The selections must be made from BIOL 104 and 105; CHEM 108 and 128, 109 and 129, 110 and 130, 111 and 131, 112 and 132, and 113 and 133, and PHYS 101, 102, 201, 202, 141, 142, 221, and 222.

Humanities  9 Hours
Each student must complete a two-semester sequence in history, totaling six semester hours. The selections must be made from HIST 104 and 105, 114 and 115, or two higher level courses in history by advisement. Additionally, each student must complete three semester hours to be selected from PHIL 200, 210 and HUMN 241, 242, 244, and 366.

Social Science   6 Hours
To be selected from ECON 205, GEOG 210 and 221, POLS 200 and 210, PSYC 210, and SOCL 210.

Foreign Language  6 Hours
It is mandatory that the six semester hours be completed in the same language.

Computer Literacy Students whose programs do not require courses in computer science must enroll in CMPS 105 or 290, or an approved substitute (not more than five years old). Computer literacy may be established by examination or through a computer science component in an academic department.

Health or Physical Education 2 Hours
This requirement may be fulfilled by completing HLTH 110 or two semester hours of physical education activity courses.

In addition to the college requirements, students must complete Freshman Seminar, FRMN 110 and 111, community service requirement, the African-American experience, writing proficiency test, and departmental comprehensive exam. For further details, consult the section on University General Education Requirements.

Freshman Seminar

Students are required to take freshman seminar or its equivalent during the first year of matriculation at Southern University to meet graduation requirements. In addition, transfer students must adhere to the following:

  • Students who have earned 24 credit hours or less at another institution are required to take freshman seminar or its equivalent;
  • Students who have earned more than 24 credit hours from another institution are not required to take freshman seminar as a requirement for graduation.


Minor in Sociology

A minor in the sociology consists of at least twenty-one (21) semester hours that should include Introduction to Sociology SOCL 210, Contemporary Social Problems SOCL 220, Social Statistics SOCL 350, Social Research SOCL 450, Sociological Theory SOCL 455, and Senior Seminar SOCL 499.

Students may concentrate in Forensic Science Criminologyby taking the following courses: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (SOCL 314), Social Psychology (SOCL 320),Deviant Behavior (SOCL 382) or Juvenile Delinquency(SOCL 485), Introduction to Forensic Science (SOCL 400),Criminology (SOCL 424), Penology (SOCL 425), andSociology Internship (SOCL 445).



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