Allison Anadi (PhD, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Michigan State University).  Chair and Professor in Criminal Justice.  Interests include, adult corrections, juvenile corrections, corrections programs, community corrections, law of corrections, criminal justice management, industrial/corporate security and labor/industrial relations.

Sunday Anadi  (Ph.D. , International Relations, University of Zurich, Switzerland).  Full-time Adjunct Instructor in Criminal Justice.  Interests include, regional economic integration and development, project reporting, social science methodology and  regional integration.

Christopher Cottrell (M.A., Geography, Albany State University). Assistant Professor in Political Science and Geography.  Interests include, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database design, software development and application, remote sensing applications in environmental quality assessment, natural hazard planning, surface water management policy development and spatial distribution.

Russell Dawkins (Ph.D., Criminal Justice and Criminology, University of Maryland).  Professor in Criminal Justice and Director of Distance Learning.  Postdoctoral Fellow, Education Research Center at John Hopkins University.  Interests include, adult & juvenile corrections, criminology, delinquency and crime prevention.

Damien Ejigiri (PhD, Texas A&M). Professor of Public Administration. Research interests include: Computer Applications, Population Projection, Quantitative Analysis, Urban and Regional Planning. Public Administration Teacher of the Year 1992, 1994; National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration Award for Teaching Excellence, 1997 (NASPAA).

Kingsley Esedo (Ph.D., Political Science, Boston University).  Chair and Professor in Political Science.  Interests include, Methodology, Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Foreign Policy, Political Theory and Policy Analysis.

Leslie T. Grover (Ph.D., Policy Studies, Clemson University) Assistant Professor of Public Administration. Research interests include: Community Development, Domestic Poverty Policy, Economic Development, Public policy, Research Writing, Regional Economic Development, and the Socioeconomics of Economically Distressed Areas.

Revathi Hines (Ph.D., Political Science, Howard University) Professor, Chair of Public Administration and Interim Director of Ph.D. in Public Policy.  Interests include, Public Administration, Public Policy and American Government.

Eric Horent (Ph.D. , Economics, Louisiana State University) Assistant Professor of Public Administration.  Research interests include: Economics, Public Finance, Statistics, Socio-economic Disparity Measurement, Quality of Life Measurement, Regional Economic Development, and Minority Business Development.

Chanika Jones (Ph.D., Sociology, Louisiana State University). Associate Professor in Criminal Justice.  Interests include, criminological research, Trans Atlantic slave trade research, African Diaspora studies.

James S. Larson (Ph.D. in Political Science from Southern Illinois University ). Professor of Public Administration. Research interests include: Quantitative Methods, Domestic Social Policy, American Political Institutions, State and Local Government.

Albert Samuels (Ph.D. Louisiana State University-August 1998).  Associate Professor of Political Science who specializes in American politics, black politics, public law and educational policy. He has taught courses in American Government, State and Local Government, Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Black Politics, Louisiana Politics, and the American Presidency

Blanche Smith (MPA, Tennessee State University). Assistant Professor of Political Science. Internship and Placement Director, School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs.

Mylon Winn (PhD, University of Washington). Associate Professor of Public Administration. Research interests include: Public Administration Politics and Public Productivity


Stephone Addison (J.D., Southern University Law School). Full-time Adjunct Instructor in Criminal Justice.  Sepcialization areas include, criminology and criminal justice.


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