Graduate Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

SOCL 520. SEMINAR IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. (Credit 3 hours). A review of contemporary issues related to current research in social psychology.

SOCL 529. URBAN STUDIES: FOCUS ON THE GHETTO (Credit 3 hours). Special emphasis on the nature, structure and function of the ghetto in the urban community; its relation to the larger social organization and internal organization of the ghetto area; controls from within and without; and specific techniques of planning for the ghetto, poverty, and other problems.

SOCL 530. SOCIAL ORGANIZATION: STATICS AND DYNAMICS (Credits, 3 hours). A study of the order, disorder, and change factors that are characteristic of human society.  

SOCL 540. SOCIETY, CULTURE AND PERSONALITY (Credit 3 hours). The relationships between society and the individual, culture and personality. Human experience, personal and group behavior viewed from a sociological perspective.

SOCL 550. TECHNIQUES OF DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS (Credit, 3 hours). The study of sampling techniques, interviewing techniques, schedule and questionnaire construction, observation techniques, sociometric and scaling techniques, and data analysis.

SOCL 555. CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY (Credit, 3 hours). An analytical study of major works of empirical sociology from 1900 to the present.

SOCL 560. SOCIAL SCIENCE STATISTICS (Credit, 3 hours). This course focuses on inductive statistics, including sampling, bivariate and multivariate statistical analysis: regression, analysis of variance, multiple discriminant and residual analysis, structural equation, model building, etc. Emphasis is placed on hypothesis testing and its logic, various test requirements and interpretation of statistical outcomes. Pre-requisite: SOCL 350 or its equivalent.

SOCL 598. SUPERVISED RESEARCH (Credits, 1-6 hours). Designed for Social Science masters students concentrating in Sociology. Admission by approval of the instructor.

SOCL 599. SUPERVISED RESEARCH (Credit, 3 hours). Designed for social science master's degree students concentrating in sociology. Admission by approval of the instructor. Pre-requisite: SOCL 598.

SOCL 600. SOCIOLOGY: THESIS (Credits, 3 hours). Designed for social science masters students concentrating in sociology. The focus is on thesis writing. Admission is based on the approval of the chair or the student's major advisor.

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