Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

Upon admission each student will be assigned an advisor from the Public Administration faculty. Students may select to retain that initial advisor or choose another faculty to serve as advisor. At a minimum, students should make an appointment for advising the first semester of admission, the second semester to outline the Program of Study, mid-way through the program, two weeks prior to the date graduation applications are due and within the first week of the anticipated semester of graduation.

Upon admission and as appropriate thereafter, any deficiencies will be identified and the student will be required to complete appropriate pre-requisites before registering for certain classes.

Students are required to select a Curriculum Guide that will be initialed by both the student and advisor. This document will allow both the student and advisor to keep track of courses previously taken prior to the semester of registration.

Students shall be required to develop a program of study within three weeks in the second semester of enrollment.

Students may transfer a maximum of 12 hours into the Program of Study if approved by the Department and the Graduate School. Any transfer of credit must be not less than a "B" and earned from a regionally accredited graduate school. The student on the required form must submit any requests for transfer with an official transcript attached.

The Department allows a limited number of course substitutions. The Department and the Graduate School must approve substitutions. The student is required to submit the request on a substitution form. Any substitution request must clearly demonstrate the comparability of the class to be substituted.

Students enrolled in the program may select to complete a thesis, white paper or research project. Any student appealing a grade must follow the Department's Student Grievance Procedure for Appeals of Department Decisions.

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