Graduation and Curriculum Requirements

Graduation and Curriculum Requirements

One month prior to graduation each student must access and print his or her transcript (on-line) and in conjunction with his or her academic advisor update the program of study. Any incomplete or grade of "F" (if an incomplete has been converted into an F) or other impediments to graduation must be identified. General graduation requirements are as follows:

  1. Admission in the MPA program as regular status; 
  2. Correction and removal for all deficiencies; 
  3. At least a 3.00 overall GPA on graduate work at Southern University with no more than two grades below a "B"; 
  4. An approved/signed curriculum guide on file; 
  5. An approved/signed program of study on file; 
  6. Completion of all core classes and concentration classes on that program of study; 
  7. Completion of an approved/signed thesis, white paper or research project.


Curriculum Related Requirements

Statistics from the cohort from five years ago indicates that 46 percent of our students finish our prorgram within the recommended timeframe, while 27 percent finish within 150% of the recommended timeframe, and another 27 percent finish within 200% of the recommended timeframe. Each student, based on the chosen area of concentration and under the guidance of a faculty advisor shall develop a program of study. The Department offers the following concentrations: generalist, public policy, health services administration, and non-profit management.

All MPA students are required to complete the following: 27 hours of core classes; 12 hours of concentration classes; 3 hours of electives, depending upon the concentration selected; 6 hours of research or thesis, 3 hours of internship and 3 hours of writing seminar. Though rare, exemptions may be given for writing seminar and internship at the discretion of the class instructors. Students may be required to show mastery of research writing for the writing seminar exemption and other information as required by the writing seminar instructor. Students may be required to show substantial public service experience for exemption from the internship as required by the internship director.



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