Program Overview

Department Overview

326 A. T.T. Allain

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World Languages at Southern Universit-Baton Rouge is committed to excellence in instruction and to the promotion of global awareness and the appreciation of other cultures and peoples.

Did you know that the study of Foreign Languages?
Helps you understand foreign cultures? 
Increases employment opportunities? 
Gives you a new perspective on your own culture

For Global Awareness
 It is important that U.S. citizens be concerned with global issues and knowledge of other languages and cultures in today's increasingly interdependent world. Civilization, geography and history are part of the foreign language curriculum, and will lead you to an appreciation of peoples and cultures different from your own. 
For Tomorrow's World Technological advances have brought us closer to all peoples of the world. An understanding of foreign languages and cultures is imperative so that... 
The U. S. economy can remain viable in a competitive international market. Government officials can deal with an increasingly complex international political situation.

Positions in over sixty occupations required foreign language skills. From high tech to politics, from service-related professions to academia, languages can enhance training in many areas, at home and abroad.

For Enhanced Communication Skills
Vocabulary development, spelling, reading comprehension and oral and written expression are skills enhanced by the study of a foreign language.

For Better Test Performance
Research has shown that students who have studied a foreign language do better than those who have not on standardized tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and other similar exams. The longer a person has studied a foreign language, the greater the positive effect.

For Higher Education
Most four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. require foreign languages for entrance and graduation. Many require demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language for graduation. Today's basic courses in foreign language study are focused on students' acquiring skills in their new language. Oral proficiency is an important objective. Therefore, foreign language classes center on...

  • Real-life uses of language
  • Situation-based practice
  • Personalization of material so students grasp meaning more readily
  • Student participation through the effective use of small groups
  • Extensive development of listening comprehension.

As you experience different ways of interacting in the foreign language classroom, you are exposed to another culture with new customs, traditions, and art forms.