Communication Skills Lab

Communication Skills Lab

Located in Room 2024, Harris Hall

Mission of the Communication Skills Laboratory

  • To encourage students to become interested and enthusiastic about writing and to learn to write simply for the sake of writing. 
  • To encourage students to become critical thinkers.
  • To help students with their understanding of grammar.
  • To give students a positive experience with writing.
  • To provide a place where students can get additional assistance with their writing. 
  • To encourage students to believe that everyone is a writer and has something to express through writing.
  • To help secondary education majors gain proficiency in writing.
  • To prepare students for the Writing Proficiency Examination.

Information about the Communication Skills Laboratory

  • The CSL is located on the second floor of Harris Hall, Room 2024. Lab hours are posted on the door each semester. 
  • The CSL provides a quiet environment where students receive tutoring in basic writing and grammar skills.
  • The CSL is open for operation from the first day of class to the last day of class. 
  • The CSL is frequented by those students who are preparing for the Writing Proficiency Examination and those who require help beyond classroom instruction.
  • The CSL personnel do not proofread papers for students as this hinders students from becoming better writers. 
  • The CSL is not designed to replace extended classroom consultations with instructors. 
  • The CSL provides handouts on a variety of writing-related topics.