Anngelica Taylor balances being mechanical engineer, Dancing Doll

For Anngelica Taylor, it’s all about time management. 

Consider this: She is one of Southern University’s incredible Dancing Dolls. They perform before, during and after Jaguar football games. They perform at other venues, too. Remember, the Dancing Dolls performed with Madonna at halftime of this year’s Super Bowl game.

And, add to that, Taylor is a mechanical engineering major. Yes, a mechanical engineer. She also squeezes in a personal life.  Now you get the time management thing.

The Houston, Texas native just completed her third year as a Dancing Doll, having earned a spot on the famous dance team as a freshman.

“Making the team was a sure-fire ticket for me to attend Southern in the fall of 2010,”  the 19-year-old junior to be said.

Beginning her college life as a Dancing Doll and taking on mechanical engineering  as her major, Taylor instantly started a juggling act with school, practice, games and  her personal life.

Taylor quickly found a way to handle it all. “Being surrounded by upperclassmen that were going through the same thing is what helped,” Taylor said.

The Dancing Doll captain at the time was a civil engineer and became a mentor for Taylor, helping get the classes she needed and at the times that best suited her practice and game schedule.

Forming study groups helped her stay on top of her studies. “Your peers can sometimes explain things better than the teacher can,” Taylor said.

The fall is the most hectic for her, with long days that consist of school,  practice with the Dancing Dolls, school, traveling and performing on Saturdays. Sunday, she said, is her only free day for homework or handling personal business.

Practice starts at 4 p.m. and continues until the routine is perfect, Taylor said.. Thursday and Friday practices are longer because they are practicing with the Marching Band for Saturday’s performance.

“Stay focus on your studies and manage your time because in the end it comes down to having enough time,” Taylor advises students.  “Find a mentor to guide you and form a relationship with the teachers. If they see that you are trying and interested, then they are more willing to work with you.”

Taylor said she was honored to be a part of the Dancing Dolls that performed with Madonna during the halftime of Super Bowl XLVI.

She remembers being excited getting the news from Director of Bands Lawrence Jackson right before the Bayou Classic that they would be performing but, because of a confidentially agreement with Madonna and the National Football League, she had to keep it a secret.

“It was an unbelievable experience I’ll never forget,” Taylor said. 


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