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Clean Access Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Clean Access

1. Do I have to use the Clean Access Agent client?
Yes. All residential students are required to use Clean Access Agent for network access.

2. I can't log in
Your SUNet Account username and password is required for authentication. If you don't know your SUNet Account username and password, contact the TNS Help Desk at 771-3935 ext 228.

3. I can't restart to log in
If you have already logged in and canceled the validation process, you will need to log out. To log out right click on the Clean Access icon in the system tray (in the lower right hand corner of your screen) and select Log Out.

4. Why won't the Clean Access Agent come up?
If the Clean Access Agent dialog box does not come up, check to see if you have connected the network cable to your computer. If it is, check to see if your network interface card (NIC) is enabled. If you are still not able to log in you may have a personal Firewall, e.g. ZoneAlarm, Symnatec, or McAfee Security Center that is blocking the Clean Access Agent from loading. You may see a dialog box from the Firewall or AntiVirus application asking to allow Clean Access to access the network. Choose "Always allow".

5. Removing the Clean Access Agent If you connect your computer to the Internet somewhere other than in the residence hall, the agent is not required and simply will not appear. If you move off-campus to remove the Clean Access Agent, go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. Select Clean Access Agent and click Remove.

6. Error 87 when Clean Access launches The Clean Access System is not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 Beta. Please go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and remove Internet Explorer 7. That will return your computer to Internet Explorer 6 and then you will be able to login into Clean Access.

7. I keep getting the error message, "Server cannot be parsed."
Do the following:

  • Open up Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on Connections Tab
  • Click on LAN settings
  • UNCHECK Automatically detect settings
  • OK > OK

8. Why does it say I have Temporary Access?
Your computer does not meet the specified security requirements; you will be given temporary access to update the missing requirements. After you click Continue, you will be given instructions on how to meet the requirements.

9. After I select yes for the certificate window, it keeps popping up or I receive the error message, "Network Error: SSL certificate REV failed."
This is for computers running Windows VISTA. Do the following:

  • Open up Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on Advance Tab
  • Scroll down to Security
  • UNCHECK Check for server certificate revocation
  • Click Apply

10. I keep getting the error message, Issue: "Network Error! The server name could not be resolved (12007)".
It most likely indicates that another student PC in your building is broadcasting invalid information, preventing you (and others) from connecting to the network. This particular error is more likely to occur at the beginning of a semester or after an extended break when a large number of students take their computers home.

There are two options:
1. Go to the Control Panel and select Network and Internet Connections. On the the next window, select Network Connections. Right-click on Local Area Connection and choose Disable. Right-click again and choose Enable. Once the connection has been restored, click on the Clean Access Icon and log in again.

2. Log out and exit Clean Access. Restart your computer and try to log-in again.

11. How do I get an antivirus, if I don't have one?
Clean Access will direct you to download free antivirus software, select Go To Link to download the AVG Antivirus (free edition) that is offered by the school. NOTE: Make sure you delete your old antivirus. Go to Start > Control Panel > Add & Remove Programs> Antivirus Name> Select remove.

12. How do I update my virus definitions? Clean Access window will give you the options to update your antivirus, select Go To Link. Depending on which antivirus software you have installed determines how you will update your virus definitions. Try opening your Antivirus application (while still logged-in to Clean Access) and look for the update link.

13. How do I do my Windows Updates?
Click Go To Link in the Clean Access window and follow the instructions provided. NOTE: It is best to set Windows to do updates automatically.

14. When I run Windows Update, I get a message stating that the product key used is invalid?
Windows Update will fail if your Windows OS is not properly licensed. You must have a legal copy of the operating system to connect to the university network.

15. I have all the Windows Updates and my antivirus is update, but clean access still won't let me log in?

  • Close all running applications or programs.

• Run the uninstaller. This will remove Adobe Flash Player from all browsers on the system.

  • Reboot your computer.