2ND Place Winner – Lesedi Robertson

“Where I’m From”


I am from dark, glitzy teal curtains from

Troubles, strength and stubbornness and

Wisdom. From bath & body works scents

And Suave Shea Butter shower gel.


I am from the brazen yelling of a quaint

Cracking, goldish, linen aroma house.

I am from the hatred and regret of a

Black woman has for the birth of an

Unwanted child.


I am from weather rocks and tiredness

A black father as dealing with whiplash

A black women has, colored with the

Smoke of anger and regret.


I’m from Xmas and black pride.

The challenges, lies, fears, restraints

That people around me placed.


I’m from the accusations and anger.

I’m from the tendency to bottle,

To drink.


From anger and bitterness. From mother

And father. From vivid hopes, wishful dreams,

Worthlessness and disappointment.


I’m from the Christians, parading in the

Word of their god. From the atheist

Side of the world. Always looked down

Upon almost, as if I was the anti-christ.


I’m from Louisiana in all it’s black

History, soul food, celebrations and

Lack of grander life.


From the strength and wrath of my

Short great (x5) grandmother. Using

That knife of cane and striking her

“owner” of hearing.


I’m from the wisdom and humor

My grandfather had, although

Hidden in photos under my bed.


Protecting the little that’s left

Of a time before me and yet

After Katrina’s destruction.


I’m from the darkness. Cliché

But lashing out on those who



I’m from the laughs and tears.

I’m from the strength that pain

And hardships caused me.


I’m from the strength of a person

Who has been hurt, kicked, beat,

Broken, tormented.


Physically, verbally and mentally.


I am from my pain. I am from hatred.

I am from regrets. I am from lustful desires.


I am from my hope, I am from love,

I am from dreams. I am from clarity.

I am from my past.

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