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Clean Access Home page

Clean Access

Beginning in the Fall 2006, all student computers that connect to the campus network in the residence halls must be certified to allow full access to the network. Network Security Services implemented a new Network Authentication system called Clean Access to ensure that computers are reasonably secure and virus-free so that they would not negatively impact other network users. The Clean Access security system is a user authentication, vulnerability assessment and remediation system that checks authenticated students for vulnerabilities and directs the non-compliant computers to documentation on how to fix their issue.

Clean Access helps keep the university network safe and secure for all users, university services and network devices that are connected to the network that are maintained by Technology and Network Services. Although, the network is stable and secure from the outside world, it can quickly become vulnerable from infected computers.

This system will protect the Southern University network as well as all of the computers connected to it by requiring each student's computer connected to meet specific security requirements to ensure that they remain protected and secure. The requirements currently being enforced are ALL Windows Critical Updates, the latest version of the Clean Access Agent, and installed and updated antivirus software. All computers compliant to their rules will be allowed access to the network.